Welcome to BluegrassTraditions.com.

The name says what this page is about. To clarify, this is a page about bluegrass, not newgrass. There’s nothing wrong with newgrass or with classical music, opera, blues or r&b, some pop. I like some of that music, but this page is about the traditional stuff that I love. If I am honest, some old time fiddle music may slip in here but that’s just me. I will listen to complaints about content that is misrepresented or inappropriate. I will post links to sites with related content, that includes artists, festivals, events, even some merch, including lesson sites and sources for relevant tab. (Send me links or images or stuff and I will gladly consider including it here.)

I consider myself to be an “aspiring bluegrass or parking lot picker”. And I will blog bits about my experience and progress. Any help “getting me there” is appreciated.

I am considering whether to host or allow “outside” comments on this page. I am cosidering using the usual comment type page or just a “Sharing” section where I will moderate closely what goes public on this website.

So with this little top note, we’ll “git ‘er goin


This site is under construction.

This site will include a page of links to pages which are of interest to visitors to this site. If you wish to be included on that page, let me know.


Drop us an email with suggestions or questions.

email: shumber@shumbersteve-humber-com